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"...the e-mail tips are great they are very helpful, just thought I would let you know what you are providing is a great thing keep up the great work. "             Best Regards, -George Carreon


I have previously invested at least $400-$500 in video training can imagine my surprise when after all of that I realized I was learning faster & more efficiently from free emails, I thought maybe I'd pick up one or two things but I've learned alot.  My DVD Training (The MEGA package incl. Tutorial Key training) should arrive today & I can't wait.


Knowing how much I've learned just from your free stuff I can't even imagine what the video's will be like. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with people like me, it's truly a service to our kind. Thank you.

-With Eternal Thanks  Brad W Gremba



"The Photoshop CS/CS2 TutorialKey training that I recently acquired has taken me to another level in such a short time.  The tutorials are so easy to follow and well explained which really helps the learning curve.  It is almost like setting in a classroom and having your questions answered... Well done!!."    


-Norman Greenwood, California U.S.A.



"So far the best training video tutorials I have come across.  Thank you very much." 


-Ray Kallie, Canada


"I had gone to basic photoshop school and had not learned how to understand masking.  i took the masking with the gradiant tool and showed it to my school instructor and he learned something new - thank you very much for your training dvds"


-douglas miller (


7/10/05    I was writing the email asking you what I can do about having previously ordered the Madison Ave. DVD & before I could even finish, you wrote to me telling me that I have a $113 credit for having already purchased it. Now that's service. I have to say I'm amazed. That level of service & honesty as (at least I thought) impossible to find on the internet. ....Thank you very, very much. I have to say that you definitely just got yourself a lifelong, loyal customer.

Sincerely, Walter F Gremba Jr

"...Over all your training
DVDs rival the best in the business.
Thanks"         -Graig LaMar




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